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I am a Managing Director for a large financial services firm in northern NJ. I recruit, train and retain talent for my organization. We were having performance issues with our newer advisors. Business Performance coaching was needed to improve the following issues: effective communication, call reluctance, fear of public speaking, self confidence, personal organization, time management and other stressors negatively impacting their performance.

I met Renee at a networking event in Livingston, NJ and immediately found her to be a calming influence and natural leader. She has a genuine interest in helping people get over fears so they can reach their peak performance. I asked Renee to come to one of my weekly meetings with my advisors in order to evaluate what was needed. In discussing what was needed in order to boost performance and productivity, the advisors opened up to her and told her their fears about the financial services business. Renee then custom designed a coaching and stress reduction program specifically for our advisors. The program included “Peak Performance Coaching, Stress Management and Mindfulness Meditation.” Renee taught a group program combined with individual coaching sessions to address individual needs. Through Meditation, the group was trained to focus, and manage stress. The Business Performance coaching helped individual breakthroughs.

I tracked performance numbers before Renee came to our organization. They were just okay. However, during the following weeks after meeting with our group, the production of the unit increased substantially. I witnessed happier and more confident advisors before my eyes. Renee is a true professional. She will make a difference in your organization.

Carl Barling LUTCF
Managing Director, IPA, The Guardian Life Ins. Co.

Before I started using Renee’s Coaching services, I considered myself successful, however, I realized I was out of focus.  Renee had a knack of not only hearing my issues, but through intuitive listening, knew how to support me in the right way to help me both during the sessions and after, throughout the week.  Through accountability, she helped me break through those issues.  She provided me with many sensible, straightforward techniques that improved my direction, focus and therefore, improved my productivity.

As for meditation, who knew?  I had never meditated before!  With her soft, calming and assuring voice, Renee showed me how to meditate.  I have now used my meditation training for improved business performance.  Guess what?  I get to relax too!

– Nochum Wilner, CPA, MST, Financial Planner
The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America

It was during a particularly low point in my life that I reached out to Renee. I was going through a terrifying health scare and was stuck in a cycle of fear.

Renee listened carefully to me and helped me to develop the tools I needed to handle these issues. She was compassionate, sensitive, thoughtful and really focused on my specific needs.

It was so helpful to have her come and work with me twice a week and I actually felt better each time she led me through meditation to empower me and give me the confidence I needed to heal and work towards a happy and exciting future. She never rushed me and was always very responsive to my feelings and thoughts.

I will always be very grateful to Renee for her compassionate help and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to change their lives or change the way they perceive, react and respond to any situation that is making them unhappy.

– Julia Frankel
Co-Owner and Founder of The Right Direction, Livingston, NJ
Children’s author, “Silly Daddy and the Pet Goat Series”

Renee’s meditation series was a positive success! Many improved focus, and were better able to manage stress, anxiety and worry, and as a result, THRIVE! I highly recommend Renee’s meditation classes.

– Ian Bernstein
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley

I have known Renee for more than 25 years.  I have seen firsthand the development of her meditation practice , self healing techniques and her ability to teach others with these techniques.  Renee taught me on my busy lunch hour, the basics of learning to meditate.  She also taught me a new understanding of the Mind-Body Connection.  She has also taught one of my sons, who is on a self-healing journey.  She has worked with others who I know in the community, and we all give Renee the highest recommendations for her work with us, our families and the community at large.
Renee is now teaching and coaching, teaching people to tap into their unlimited creativity for health, wellness and powerful career performance.  Renee has a passion for her work and compassion for her clients as she strives to help people with their self-growth in both their personal and business lives. I highly recommend Renee for anyone who wants to focus better, to increase business performance and productivity, transform health and feel greater well being in work and life.

-Karen Garland, CPA
Main St. Financial, Millburn, NJ

Having been a student, client, and friend of Renee’s over the past ten years, I highly recommend her as a Life Coach, healer, teacher and pioneer of innovative techniques in alternative medicine. With a unique process she developed and now teaches, Renee has a stellar track record in spontaneous healing and has given countless people back their healthy bodies and minds by aiding them in healing themselves of debilitating chronic symptoms, including mental health disorders. She brings a unique perspective from her own journey of self healing of chronic fatigue, chronic allergies and chronic pain which is reflected in her deep understanding and compassion for people suffering from these ailments, as well as her dedication to empowering her clients to trust in themselves to heal their own bodies as she did. Further, Renee’s work extends beyond healing the physical body, as she helps her students and clients transform all areas of their lives including enhanced career performance, improved relationships, and whole life balance. With her knowledge of both eastern and western methods of healing, and her expertise in meditation and understanding the Mind/Body Connection, it is no wonder Renee is at the forefront for progress and new options in alternative health care.

– Judith Daniels
Sales Associate at Keller Williams Realty

My mother took me with her to Renee’s community meditation classes when I was only age 7. During those sessions, something happened – a spark, an inner connection to my heart and mind. Since then, I don’t let negative emotions erode me any more. I am now 18. Clarity, balance and inner peace from practicing meditation has resulted in IMPROVED GRADES, as well as improvement in my own inner source of happiness. I have learned to relax, and have found my own wisdom and self awareness.

– Rachel Silvia Kleinert
University of Central Florida

Before I took the classes, I didn’t think I could meditate. With Renee’s instructions, I finally went into a clear and relaxed state even though I previously thought it wouldn’t work for me. Since then, Meditation has helped me cope better with stress and has become a foundation for living.

– Anne Silvia Kleinert

Learning to meditate was important to me as I was experiencing agonizing lower back pain. I needed to learn to cope with the stress of osteoarthritis and how it was affecting me physically and emotionally. After each meditation class, my pain was less and I could actually begin to sit up again. By the end of the class series, I was not experiencing pain and have learned to transform it with the training in how to focus, and how the mind can heal the body –The Mind/Body Connection.

– Laura Weyrauch
Music Education

Renee was our keynote speaker at a professional development event hosted by the Penn State Alumni Chapter of Northern New Jersey. She spoke to members and prospective members about techniques for stress management that were immediately applicable. Attendees were amazed to learn how simple it is to increase their focus and energy levels during the mundane work day! Renee’s enthusiasm is palpable, and she has the knowledge and expertise to back it up. The Alumni Chapter was able to add eight new members as a result of Renee’s presentation, and we can’t wait to have her back!”

Mike Cocco, President, Penn State Alumn Club
Jeff Weber, Networking/Professional Development, Penn State Alumn Club

As President of the “Colleges Against Cancer” Club at Fairleigh Dickenson University in Madison, NJ, we held our 1st Relay for Life Event in April 2014. Our speaker was Renee Radcliffe of The Self Healing Zone for the “Fight Back”‘ Ceremony at the event. I highly recommend Renee as a speaker!  The “Fight Back” speaker is supposed to be motivational and inspirational. They are suppose to motivate the audience to fight back against this deadly disease of cancer and inspire the audience to make a change in their life in order to reduce the risk of getting cancer, such as reducing stress, getting mammograms every year, and just taking care of their bodies. Specifically, Renee touched upon some good points such as how to create a foundation of health practices into your lifestyle that create sustainable health; this included stress reduction, meditation, and the power of the mind to heal the body. This was a different approach than what is usually done. I feel as if the audience was very interested to hear what she had to say and how the mind and body connection could have such influence over a person. It was an experience I am sure no one will forget. It is always fun and exciting to have a new perspective on life, especially when it comes to dealing with cancer, and Renee provided everyone with just  that!”

Melissa Carle, Student President, Colleges Against Cancer

Thank you so much for speaking at our Relay for Life event on April 11, 2014 at Fairleigh Dickenson University. Your speech was inspiring and motivational to all and we greatly appreciate your efforts! We are proud to have raised over $10,000.00 dollars this year at our first event, and look forward to many more successful years.”

Colleges Against Cancer Student Committee-
Sam, Olivia, Alexis, Stephanie, Tiffany, Ashley, Irvin, Shelbie, Kaitlyn, Lindsey, Nicole, Andrea, Melissa, Tenzin, Erica, Christina, Salma, Michelle