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As a Wellbeing Coach and Meditation teacher, I am thrilled to offer Corporate-wide services for Executives, Managers Sales Teams and Employees, customized to fit the unique needs of your company.

Check out the new COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics™ brochure next to the iPEC Logo.

I empower clients with the tools of COR.E Wellbeing as a new “way of being” to raise Wellbeing Consciousness, a powerful “inner force” that creates higher levels of fulfillment and happiness through applying and living 10 COR.E Wellbeing Principles.

I teach clients how to develop their Superhero Superpower of “Super Intuition” through the Focus and Flow Meditation, a technique I developed. Clients learn how to access their Super Intuition 24/7 and discern and tune into this voice of higher wisdom from all other mind chatter, thoughts, emotions and judgments. Alignment with higher intuition enables clients to make decisions and choices that will bring them the best quality of life possible and ultimately the optimal Wellbeing they seek.

Investing in Wellbeing brings higher levels of wisdom, intuition, and happiness – increasing opportunities for abundance and prosperity now and in the future.

What is COR.E Energy?

COR.E Energy is the energy at the core of thoughts, emotions, and actions and is at the “heart” of Wellbeing. The “E” in COR.E stands for “Energy” and is set apart because it is the unique differentiator in what motivates, inspires and drives you and has a profound effect on your Wellbeing.

Stress Nation, Meditation Nation®