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The Focus and Flow Guided Meditation for Mindfulness, Focus, and Super Intuition

The Focus and Flow Guided Meditation for Mindfulness, Focus, and Super Intuition

MP3 includes:

  • Guided Meditation with music: Roots of Love
  • How to benefit most from your meditation experience with instructions and commentary
  • The importance of the 3 steps of Focus of Flow
  • The Wellbeing Music Collection PDF
  • Instrumental version: Roots of Love with instructions and commentary on the music
  • Superheroes, Superpowers, and Super Intuition PDF
  • Stress Nation, Meditation Nation® Audio Guidebook



Benefits of Focus and Flow Meditation

  • 3 Steps of Meditation – the introduction of breathing for centering and Mindfulness, a focus technique for deeper states of awareness, and an energizing and revitalizing 3rd phase that teaches you how to tap into your Super Intuition anytime 24/7.
  • Any one of the 3 steps can be used for meditation – 5, 10 or 15 minutes each, or combine all 3 steps to complete the classical form of this meditation for the full 30 minutes.
  • Flexibility in how you chose to experience the meditation
  • The Focus and Flow style of Meditation is named for the 3 steps that train the mind to focus and flow into a deeper state. Tranquility and serenity can recharge and restore you, giving you the boost you need to be more empowered mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually with vital energy that improves your overall wellbeing.
  • Developing your Super Intuition will help you “stay on course” and “on target” as you navigate life’s challenges and obstacles and will keep you aligned with your life purpose and passion. GAME ON!!

Mindfulness Meditation

Music from The Focus and Flow Guided Meditation
Roots of Love music can be described as a “Wellbeing classic” – a new type of Wellbeing music.

With it’s beautiful piano solo melodies, the music is beneficial at many levels:

  • Soothes stress
  • Uplifts mood
  • Enhances and enriches meditation
  • Promotes focus and study
  • Supports productivity
  • The Roots of Love music can serve as an anchor for feeling greater love for yourself and connection to others. The Roots of love are within you, as love starts within, radiating outwardly as a passion for life, impacting your performance/activities and “who” and “what” you love.

The music captures impressions – from a waterfall to a rippling stream, the grandeur of forests, the solitude of a walk thru the woods, sunbeams streaming through clouds and more …Impressions in nature captured through sound to convey the feeling of experiencing beauty in nature that is all around us.