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Self Healing Zone - Founder

IPEC Certified Professional Life Coach, Masters Certification as a COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics™ Specialist, and Meditation teacher.

Hello, I’m Renee Radcliffe and Welcome to Stress Nation, Meditation Nation® and the Self Healing Zone.

I am CEO of The Self Healing Zone, and the Founder and Producer of Stress Nation, Meditation Nation® a multi-media online educational series in Stress Management, Meditation and Wellbeing available in MP3 downloads.

I created The Self Healing Zone and Stress Nation, Meditation Nation® to teach, coach and give clients the tools to breakthrough stress, improve their health and live a happier and better quality of life. I struggled for too many years with Chronic Health conditions and once I discovered how to breakthrough those conditions and live free and clear from symptoms, I felt like I had the opportunity to create a new life and new direction. For years, I dreamed of teaching Meditation in a new way and the opportunity to do just that came through developing The Focus and Flow Style of Guided Meditation for Mindfulness, Focus and Super Intuition. The missing piece for me during my self-healing journey was how to access Super Intuition. It took many years of feeling helpless and a victim to health, because of how little was known at the time medically, that made me determined to find a better way. The realization of how to tap into Super Intuition was a game changer. It gave me the ability to steer my life in a new direction, empowered me with the ability to access intuition, make the best decisions possible with more information and wisdom available, and find the healing answers to restore my health. Only then working with Super Intuition, did I uncover the answer to my life’s purpose and quest – to teach Meditation and how to access Super Intuition!

The Stress Nation, Meditation Nation® series was developed to help you discover this untapped potential within you so that you can live with more freedom from stress, find your true purpose and create a life of happiness, and wellbeing.