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SCOPE™ Assessment

*SCOPE™ Assessment Will be available for purchase in early 2018. Please check back soon!

What would be different for you life if you could understand how to create the BEST outcome for whatever it is you’re about to undertake?

You’ll achieve amazing results when you approach every task or situation without stress, tension, or anxiety.

Discover SCOPE™

An assessment app that measures your performance energy in the moment in relation to what you are about to do, reveals what’s most influencing your energy at that moment, and provides you with the means to intervene and enhance your performance potential in real time.

This (r)evolutionary™ tool can be used any time, any place, and from any device to:

  • pinpoint what is causing you stress

  • get tips to shift into high performance

  • and produce the results you want, consistently.

SCOPE™ can be taken in approximately 3 – 4 minutes and produces a report showing your “in the moment”:

Performance Factor: This takes into account overall energy and the different factors that affect it and is expressed as a number ranging from 1 to 7. The higher the factor, the closer you are to your ideal performance state.

Performance Factor categorization: This shows how catabolic or anabolic your Performance Factor is.

Primary and Secondary Levels of Energy: These are the energy levels you are most experiencing in relation to the task.

Influences on your Energy: This chart shows how spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and environmental factors are influencing your energy.

Strategies to Increase your Performance: These are interventions you can use to increase your energy in the moment.

SCOPE™ allows you to understand what you need to shift/adjust to increase the likelihood of performing to your potential. Monitored over time, it will also reveal the patterns and tendencies that promote high performance in the workplace and in life, therefore increasing your wellbeing.

To purchase the SCOPETM App click here.

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