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Your New Superpowers: Wellbeing and Super Intuition

Wellbeing is a “way of being.” Think of it as your “inner force.” Be the master of your Wellbeing through ten principles that fuel your vital energy mentally and physically, increasing your wellbeing. Gain awareness and understanding of what is causing you stress, and new ways to deal with it through the six major stress influencers that impact your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Increase mental agility, overcome fears, and feel more secure and self-confident knowing that you can bend but you won’t break! Develop your Superhero Superpowers – Wellbeing and Super Intuition with a new approach to your life and create sustainable happiness. Like a constellation in the sky, you will have the anchors to guide you to the answers you seek, always elevating you to your highest potential.

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How do you perform actions that create wellbeing?

The answer – A Wellbeing Formula for Success – which creates greater freedom from stress, and is a solid foundation on which to build greater health, happiness and career performance into the future. The concept of a formula for wellbeing is a new and innovative approach. COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics™ gives you the awareness, methodology and way to focus so that you have a systematic repeatable way to achieve optimal wellbeing.

SCOPE™ helps you breakthrough STRESS

A unique virtual tool, now an app, for monitoring STRESS, and therefore, your mental and physical energy throughout the day is the new SCOPE™ assessment. You can take SCOPE™ in less than 5 minutes and transform your energy and your mindset in the moment. SCOPE™ gives you interventions whenever you need 24/7 from your phone, tablet or computer.

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Stress Nation, Meditation Nation®

A new multi-media educational series created and produced by Renee Radcliffe. Through new techniques, you can experience transformation from current stress triggers, thoughts, reactions and perceptions, to greater freedom from stress, self-mastery, happiness and optimal wellbeing.

Music and Meditation: The Complete Collection from Stress Nation, Meditation Nation®

Available Early 2018!

Renee Radcliffe - Self Healing Zone

Renee Radcliffe

COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics™ Specialist IPEC CPC Certified Professional Coach

Founder of

Stress Nation, Meditation Nation®

Our Vision:

To be a resource for all who seek to create "optimal wellbeing" in their lives; to support the transformation from stress reactivity to self-mastery and greater freedom from stress, and to passionately promote a global shift in awareness for a healthier and happier planet.

Our Mission:

To empower clients with the education, tools, skills and support so that they may thrive and flourish with the creation of a new foundation, a "Wellbeing Formula for Success," an original and innovative approach to a new "way of being" in healthy and conscious living.